Pinup Files Andrea Marquez


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Exotic and striking are just a few words to describe Pinup Files Andrea Marquez. She’s a black beauty with a bust size to boast. We caught up with this beautiful gal striking a pose at the door way, ready to welcome any horny guest that knocks on her door. She angles her body slightly to the side as she gives a straight look on camera. Her healthy round breasts are hanging up and about with the help of her arm resting underneath. She slightly pushes her bums to the side to have nice curvy figure for her body. That color of her lingerie sure accentuates her skin color.

Pinup Files Laura Lee


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With her back against the wall, delivering an alluring and fierce look straight to the camera is the beautiful Pinup Files Laura Lee. Her long wavy locks are gathered to her side and it goes down to the length of her breasts. It already has covered one boob of hers. She has perky round hooters that are worth the lick and grope and her skin is just flawless from head to toe. When it comes to her curves, Laura maintains a really sexy body. She even has a small tattoo near her smooth pussy. She’s pulling her panty down to expose her cunt entirely.

Pinup Files Sandee Westgate


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Working the couch in a very edgy manner is the gorgeous gal Pinup Files Sandee Westgate. This long haired busty temptress has her upper back against the couch while she lifts herself up by stepping on the couch’s back rest. She has her round breasts in place with the help of her two arms which are quite busy playing with her pussy. She spreads her smooth legs wide open so that she’ll be able to flick her muffins easier. Despite her chosen pose that is quite complicated, you can’t see any trace of discomfort from her face… seems like she’s really enjoying it!

Pinup Files Vasanta


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Blue skies with clouds on her background, Pinup Files Vasanta strikes a pose by the playfully decored wall in the living room. You may think that she’s in a kid’s room… that’s something to think about. This fierce and driven girl has her hair pulled up with a flower pin. With all hair away from her beautiful face, Vasanta is feeling the way she grabs on to her huge breasts. Her nipples are quite big and round too, as if it were stretched by the size of her bust. She lets her pink bra hang under her breast and she wants you to stare at her pair of hooters.

Pinup Files Lorna Morgan


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Getting all cute and coy, Pinup Files Lorna Morgan is out on the backyard to get some warmth from the sun. This naughty busty girl is cuddling up to her body with her head tilted near her right arm. With one of her shoulders up, she hugs herself and squeezes her huge breasts in between. They sure are humongous! As well as her tits that have been stretched and widened from her bust size. She has her top that is easy to take off and she lets it hang on her waist for a while. Looks like she’s out to have some naked fun under the sun!

Pinup Files Sarah Nicola Randall


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Getting all playful and enjoying the ambience of the poolside, Pinup Files Sarah Nicola Randall is enjoying the hot sunny day with her body totally exposed to the outdoors. She’s feeling happy just playing with her black hair that is of the length of her shoulders, letting her huge round breasts hang on her chest. Her eyes are just stunning and her smile is quite infectious… especially when her pearly whites are showing. She has a nice figure that suits her built perfectly. Anyone care to put on some sun tan lotion on her? Pretty sure she would love that.

Pinup Files Sarah Genova


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Hanging on to the living room door is Pinup Files Sarah Genova. We’ve been trying to spot a good location for a shoot with this beautiful lady and she decided to cling on to this area. She has her top off and gives a smiling look over her shoulder. Her back side is still a sexy angle for her even if we could not see her round breasts entirely. The side of her boobs indicates that the size of her bust is quite a handful. Her back gives a nice curve down to her finely tooched flawless ass that can use some good slapping.

Pinup Files Marie-Claude Bourbonnais


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Elegance at its finest; the headturning regal looks of Pinup Files Marie-Claude Bourbonnais is upon us today as she graces a very striking and sexy shot for the camera. Marie-Claude has short hair colored platinum blonde and her facial bone structure is just beautiful. She angles her face to the side with a mild look of innocence as she lets her plump round breast be fully exposed. She curves and pushes her hips to the side creating an S-like figure which gives more appeal to her photo. Slowly, she takes off her one piece lingerie and will soon have her pussy on full show.

Pinup Files Dahlia Dark


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The beautiful landscape of the garden or Pinup Files Dahlia Dark? Which is more beneficial for you in this shot? The obvious answer would definitely be the big breasted Dahlia. Her hair is all pushed back with her locks flowing to the side. She’s wearing a button down top that has been unbuttoned by the size of her melons that are about to come off from her chest. She draws her hooters closer to the camera and they are close to having her nipples peek right out. Despite the nice landscape on the background, the centerpiece of it all is in Dahlia’s blossoming breasts.

Pinup Files Denise Milani


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She may be aware that she’s showing off her fine ass on the side that she’s looking at, but we have our lenses clicking on the other side where we get a nice profile of Pinup Files Denise Milani. This gal sure is a treasure, especially with the way she projects herself on camera at any angle. Her smile is just gorgeous and it accentuates her beauty even more. Her cleavage can easily catch your eyes as she has perky round breasts hanging on her chest. A little unzipping more and she’ll be able to show off her melons entirely.